Thursday, March 5, 2009


It is strange how I usually have a stream of thought when I am away from home.  Usually it is when I am driving around town, or at work.  Knowing how to post from my email has enabled me to put some of that into my blog. 


I took a walk around my yard this morning before I left for work.  I have daffodils blooming and crocus.  My daylilies and salvia are both growing upwards and the columbine is peeking out from under its leaf covering that I pulled up on top of it last fall.  It will be strange to have the west side of my yard in full sun this year, since the electric company took out the 4 Bradford Pear trees that used to block the sun from that part of the yard.  Its not that I will miss the trees and they were much too close to the power lines, but it will make that into a sun garden.  I’m imagining my garden expanding.  I will need a trellis and a new rose and perhaps a bench.  I will need to move some plants around as well.  This weekend I will begin the transformation.









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