Monday, September 13, 2010

My country

OK I think I have had enough of the bickering and the crap coming down the tube for the last couple of years. I can say this with complete accuracy and mean it. If you guys can't get along then take your toys and go home because this is my country. You got it, mine. I am the Native American and you are just interlopers here. The Cherokee have always had two villages within the nation. The War village and the Peace village. My ancestors came out of the War village but I bet you already guessed that.

Of course I am just kidding about picking up you stuff and going home. That would be a hoot. Hello Europe here is another half billion people for you. Seriously though can't we all just get along?

September at last

I haven't really kept up with my posts this year as well as I should have. I think perhaps I am coming more to terms with myself as a single person. I hope this brave new world is ready for me.

I vacationed last week and got lots of things done. Most of the roof leaks got fixed. It appears that we have one elusive one that will get tracked down soon. Not bad leaks, understand this is where a room was made from an existing patio with a low slanting roof added. I trimmed all the hedges and I trim by hand the old fashioned way. I have exactly 4 holly bushes left to do. Moved the dogs to the other side of the yard and I'm hoping that they will like it on this side of the fence. I will make a new garden with raised beds on the other side over the winter. I promise to take pictures. I will try to transplant my chives and rosemary and also take a stab at moving the asparagus, surely it can be moved. The lavender will also get moved.