Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just a couple of things, tiny, small, insignificant things that tick me off; I do not want to see any more fat bellies when I go online.  I am so tired of seeing bellies inflate and deflate and jiggle and wiggle.  If I had a weight problem I would be even more ticked off.  I realize that the “fat” industry represents a very large (fat?) chunk of change, but I don’t want to see it.  I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life right now and yeah I could stand to move about 5 pounds somewhere else.  But I only weigh 130 and I’m sure that the gym and my daily walk will help me do that privately.  No diet plan, no pills, no photo sessions.  I may or may not decide to make my belly public. 


The other thing is red lipstick.  All my life I wanted to wear red lipstick but held back because it would make me look like an old lady.  Only old ladies wore it when I was younger.  Old ladies and ladies of ill repute that is.  Now as I approach that age group, I find that it is the younger generation that is wearing the red lipstick.  Hey, did I overshoot my age group?  Did I warp to another dimension?  Or is red just not my generations color?  I know we rejected everything and embraced everything and replaced it all at least twice but did someone forget to pack the red lipstick?


No matter, I am going to wear whatever I feel like wearing.




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  1. I don't see bellies, other than my own. And I can assure you I would NEVER display it online or anywhere else.

    I think you may have over-shot. I wore red lipstick in the '80's. I don't wear it now because I am an older lady and it doesn't work for me. But I think you are right, wear what you want. : )