Friday, March 6, 2009


My “To Do” list seems to be growing for this weekend.  I am finally going to attempt to put a new brake light and signal light in my Focus.  It is going to be a nice weekend and at least I can take the back of my car apart in the warm weather.  Unfortunately I am going to have to take it apart to get to the lights.  At least I have a Haynes manual with written instructions.  Perhaps one of my neighbors will take pity on me and pitch in to help.  Why car manufacturers make it so hard to change the lights I have no idea.  If they were planning on me taking it in to a mechanic and paying $40.00 or whatever for someone to do it for me, then they must not know how tenacious some females can be. 


We had a fire next door at work today.  There were 7 fire trucks that I saw and someone said there were more on the other side of the building.  It didn’t turn out to be much of a fire but we all still got to file outside and sit on the grass to watch.  The people next door weren’t there as they have started working a 4 day week.  I did have my camera with me and I will post the picture later tonight after I get home.


Oh and before I forget, the silica supplement is working.  I can tell a difference in my knees and my fingernails.  I actually sat down cross legged in the grass to watch the fire trucks.




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