Thursday, April 29, 2010

milk for the fairies

Yep, tonight is moving night. If you by chance see the little folk wandering by or wonder why your dog is barking more tonight than normal, then you are forewarned. Put out a bowl of milk for them to drink and perhaps they will pass you by this night. They move twice yearly. Walpurgis Neicht and Halloween. They will like it even more if you put a cap full of irish whiskey in it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sam got new shoes!!

Sam (Samantha) is a blue 2001 Ford Focus. Originally Sam was my husbands car and he had a habit of naming things. His car was Sam and his gun was named Sancha. He polished and cleaned both all the time. I have a habit of talking to the car at times. Apologizing for not washing it as often as he did, or for carrying hay bales in the hatch back. I do occasionally drive her through the car wash and use the wax cycle. I have learned to change her tail lights and I keep her in good repair. It has been a real fight saving up the money for tires though. I hate using credit and prefer to save for things and every time I would get close to having the cash saved up something else would happen. First Sam got new brakes and then a gasket needed to be replaced and then the thermostat and then a wheel bearing went out. I was beginning to think I was going to be running on the steel belts before long. But today I got Sam some new shoes. Finally.