Saturday, March 21, 2009

The other fuse box

Sometimes I must admit that I am completely blindsided by stupidity. In my garage, just behind the weatherhead that the electricity comes through there is a small wooden cabinet. It looks more like a storage area than anything else. The man who owned this house prior to us was an engineer and after he retired he built on to the back of the house and added all sorts of storage places. Erin and Ashley and I were out looking the garage over, searching for a 220 plug for the dryer. We did find two such plugs and we were discussing moving the dryer to the garage. Erin must have received a "nudge" from her father because she looked at the cabinet and wanted to know what was in it. It was then that I remembered it contained more fuses. There isn't just one fuse box in there, there are several. They are all painted red and have on and off switches on the outside that must be turned off prior to opening. One of these is plainly labeled 220 laundryroom/dryer. Two new fuses later (purchased for $6.98 at Lowes) we are doing laundry again complete with drying. I am certain that Michael is laughing at me somewhere in the Summerland. Seriously, I seem to have three different locations for fuses.

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  1. Funny how that works, eh? Ashlee is STILL spazzing over clean clothes. :3