Friday, September 26, 2008

Rocks and Trash

At the risk of being labeled a nutcase or perhaps even a shrew I must present my case against trash being left on peoples doors. You have seen my rant about the alternate phone book already. Well, it is election season, and if it weren’t enough with all the religious propaganda that gets left on the door, now I have to deal with well meaning young men leaving me political brochures. I had a thought that I might purchase a small trashcan and put a label on it. Imagine an arrow pointing to the opening and the wording thus: Please deposit all political, religious, advertisements, etc here. Somehow I need to work yellow book into that phrase. I might even go as far as to mass produce these for sale on the open market. I think there would be a demand. (evil grin) I’m looking at trashcans on the way home tonight. Naw, I’m just a nutcase. See the reflectors in my front yard? I put those reflectors out a couple of months ago because of the way the city made the streets on my block. I seriously see someone driving into my living room someday, and I got tired of having to fill up the tire marks from people driving over the corner of my yard. There used to be 6 of those reflectors, but this morning I noticed there were only 3. Someone ripped off 3 of my reflectors! There are fresh skid marks in the street and on the curb. I hope my reflectors scratched up their car real nice. I’m looking for a large rock now.


Does this work? 




Thursday, September 25, 2008

yard work

Hopefully I have mowed for the last time this year and can move on to other tasks outdoors before the weather becomes nasty. I need to get the fence painted and the garden weeded one last time. I really need a load of dirt brought in to fill up the dog bunkers that abound on the dogs side of the fence. Yes, the dogs side of the fence. My backyard is divided in half with one side for them and one side for me. I would have gladly shared my side if they would have quit digging. Cough, cough, hairball.....I'm a cat person.

I've been busy preparing for my position at work to go perm and getting the house in order for the fall season.

My daughter and I were talking the other day about the makeup we have been using. We both use the mineral makeup that Avon puts out and we love it. I get so many comments as to what are you using on your face? The ironic thing is, as she put it.....I used to admonish her to keep her face clean and wipe the dirt off. Well what exactly is mineral makeup? Is it dirt? Is it ground up rock? Hmm, could be dirt.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today feels so lazy and yet I have so very much I really need to do. Thanks to hurricane Ike it rained all day yesterday here in Oklahoma and the temperature dropped down to the high 70's for the daytime. I can live with that, open the windows and let the wind in. I don't have to pay anyone for the wind, so far its still free. I need to finish cleaning upstairs today and work on the bathroom wood trim. This winter I plan to learn how to use that circular saw that lives in my garage. I say lives in my garage because it was Mike's saw and I really don't know anything about it but I'm sure there is an instruction manual out there somewhere and I really need to do some repair work this year. You will remember from my other blog (and yes, I finally remembered my password) I really hate paying other people to do something I can figure out how to do myself. Thought I would post pics of the animals and start the laundry and make chili today. How's that for a fortuitous beginning?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

same subject, second time

Today I lost another good friend, of course it was another cat. My Tuxedo cat, Blaze. She was 16 years old. As I drove home from the vet telling my self to just "breath, you can drive while you cry" I started a train of thought on how loss creates us. It's as if we need loss in order to grow just as we need love in order to grow. Of course if you never love, you can never feel loss.

Blessings, Blaze.