Thursday, September 25, 2008

yard work

Hopefully I have mowed for the last time this year and can move on to other tasks outdoors before the weather becomes nasty. I need to get the fence painted and the garden weeded one last time. I really need a load of dirt brought in to fill up the dog bunkers that abound on the dogs side of the fence. Yes, the dogs side of the fence. My backyard is divided in half with one side for them and one side for me. I would have gladly shared my side if they would have quit digging. Cough, cough, hairball.....I'm a cat person.

I've been busy preparing for my position at work to go perm and getting the house in order for the fall season.

My daughter and I were talking the other day about the makeup we have been using. We both use the mineral makeup that Avon puts out and we love it. I get so many comments as to what are you using on your face? The ironic thing is, as she put it.....I used to admonish her to keep her face clean and wipe the dirt off. Well what exactly is mineral makeup? Is it dirt? Is it ground up rock? Hmm, could be dirt.

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