Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today feels so lazy and yet I have so very much I really need to do. Thanks to hurricane Ike it rained all day yesterday here in Oklahoma and the temperature dropped down to the high 70's for the daytime. I can live with that, open the windows and let the wind in. I don't have to pay anyone for the wind, so far its still free. I need to finish cleaning upstairs today and work on the bathroom wood trim. This winter I plan to learn how to use that circular saw that lives in my garage. I say lives in my garage because it was Mike's saw and I really don't know anything about it but I'm sure there is an instruction manual out there somewhere and I really need to do some repair work this year. You will remember from my other blog (and yes, I finally remembered my password) I really hate paying other people to do something I can figure out how to do myself. Thought I would post pics of the animals and start the laundry and make chili today. How's that for a fortuitous beginning?

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