Friday, September 26, 2008

Rocks and Trash

At the risk of being labeled a nutcase or perhaps even a shrew I must present my case against trash being left on peoples doors. You have seen my rant about the alternate phone book already. Well, it is election season, and if it weren’t enough with all the religious propaganda that gets left on the door, now I have to deal with well meaning young men leaving me political brochures. I had a thought that I might purchase a small trashcan and put a label on it. Imagine an arrow pointing to the opening and the wording thus: Please deposit all political, religious, advertisements, etc here. Somehow I need to work yellow book into that phrase. I might even go as far as to mass produce these for sale on the open market. I think there would be a demand. (evil grin) I’m looking at trashcans on the way home tonight. Naw, I’m just a nutcase. See the reflectors in my front yard? I put those reflectors out a couple of months ago because of the way the city made the streets on my block. I seriously see someone driving into my living room someday, and I got tired of having to fill up the tire marks from people driving over the corner of my yard. There used to be 6 of those reflectors, but this morning I noticed there were only 3. Someone ripped off 3 of my reflectors! There are fresh skid marks in the street and on the curb. I hope my reflectors scratched up their car real nice. I’m looking for a large rock now.




  2. I live in the country but that doesn't mean I don't get other peoples trash in my yard. It's more like the ditch, but I have to pick up beer cans every time I mow. Trash also shows up in the hay because people throw there junk in the fields. Makes me wonder what's wrong with people.