Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, I will say one thing for DST, it is still dark when I get out of bed now. And it will be nice that it is still light for awhile after work.

I did manage to get my brake light changed this weekend. I actually got the brake light cover off the car without a major cursing episode. It did take me more than hour but I did finally coax the lovely little red and clear piece of plastic off the car. I also got the first level of weeding done in the garden. There was asparagus hiding in there. Now the asparagus is in my freezer. It will go nicely in an omelet. I also found lettuce that had wintered over and the kale seems to have survived. It will be interesting to see what comes up volunteer this year. I ordered some heirloom tomato seeds with a guy at work. I ask for Cherokee Purple and Black Krim. Other than that I most likely will just stick to local sources.

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