Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Market

The stock market is finally moving back upwards today.  I thought I might be penniless soon considering the rate of its descent.  I saw where oil dropped below 70 dollars a barrel also.  This morning in Tulsa QT had gas priced at $2.59 a gallon so I wonder where it is tonight?  That’s right I said $2.59 a gallon.  Remember, this is Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have not stopped making my monthly small purchases in the market.  I still believe the market is the only way I will make any kind of income for my retirement.  I just keep buying those dividend stocks.  $100.00 a month is all I buy but I use Sharebuilder so my cost for the brokers fees is only 4%.  When I can afford to up the amount to $200.00 I will get my cost down to the “proper” percentage of only 2%.  What does a lady buy?  You might be surprised.  How about Harley Davidson?

Yes, and I am going to keep buying Harley stock because they have a really great balance sheet and a dividend to match.  I also own some Oneok stock, and Ship Finance and a small stake in Capital Source.  Those are my dividend stocks.  Then there are my speculative stocks, Marvel Entertainment and Boots & Coots, which are both holding their own through this crazy market.  I don’t own a lot yet but I just started doing this last year.  It’s been more fun than anything.  I would have spent that small amount of cash on something else anyway.




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