Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Weather

This fall has been really nice so far.  I have lots of lovely blooms still left in the garden and so many green tomatoes I don’t know if they will ever ripen.  The squirrels of course stripped my pecan trees.  But there weren’t a lot of nuts on them this year, perhaps because I had so many last year.  The tree must have needed a vacation.  I found my scarecrow while cleaning out the closet this weekend and some old games and some lovely vases that had been forgotten.  I need to buy some fresh flowers at the store to put in one of them.  I got out my belly dance costume and looked it over.  I may be able to wear it this year.  We will see.  Halloween was Mike’s favorite holiday.  I will need to leave a Butterfinger at Memorial Park for him again this year. I know the groundskeepers probably find a lot of different things there.  But a Butterfinger and 3 cents for a beer should be adequate.




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  1. We are having a very nice fall also. The colors are spectacular. My flowers still look good and I also have lots of green tomatoes. This week is going to be colder though, so I think the party is almost over.