Sunday, June 22, 2014

Most of my off time is spent in the garden or doing yard work these days.  During the summer my housework suffers severely.  But I think I will have time to make peasant bread today.  It is a wonderful no knead bread that I found at "Alexandria's kitchen" blog.

Mowed the backyard and filled up the dog pool for Molly this morning.  Found my first ripe tomato....  one of the Goliath's.  I have half a dozen cucumbers ready to pick as well, and there are new potatoes under the volunteer potato vines.  I finally pulled the lettuce, spinach and broccoli out as it is finally too hot for them anymore.  Planted carrots to begin the summer season.  I am over whelmed with green beans also.  I may have to start canning them.

I have the materials to make a great trellis if I can just decide where I want it and I have started using wood chips as mulch this year.

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