Friday, June 13, 2014


Looks like this one will be ripe in about a week.  I planted 5 kinds of tomatoes this year.  The one pictured is a Super Fantastic which is a hybrid variety.  I also planted Goliath (heirloom) and Red Beefsteak (heirloom) Sweet Cherry 100  (garden favorite for me) and Celebrity, which is a bush tomato which I will never grow again regardless of how well it does.  I found out Monsanto owns the rights to it, so no matter how good it does or is, this will be it's one and only year.  It has been a fantastic year so far for gardening in Oklahoma.  Have not had to water for the last 3 weeks and things are just shooting up.  Need to mow more than once a week at this point.  The bugs are off schedule too.

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