Saturday, June 7, 2014

Squash 2014

Still here.  Thought I would post some pictures of this years garden.  The squash is really looking good this year.  It is time to finish off the spinach and probably the lettuce as it is getting too hot for it.  There will be an abundance of tomatoes also.

Hopefully I can get some canning done this summer and try out some new recipes I have found online.  Like the Coconut Oil Chocolate one I  found this week.

These squash plants are called lemon squash and they are an heirloom variety that I have planted for the last several years.

The weather has seemed different this year.  With all the polar vortexes putting off planting time until later and also killing off some of the bug populations it seems.  We have seen some different kinds of bugs and birds this year.  We had a Hawk moth in the backyard this week and wild hemlock sprang up in the backyard as well.

The hemlock has been removed  (with gloves and a plastic bag)  I was afraid that Molly would accidentally get into it.

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