Saturday, November 8, 2014


Have been meaning to get back on here and write about a couple of things recently.

First off, I understand that the past election had one of the smallest turnouts in history......tsk,,,tsk...shame on those of you that did not vote.  I went through the grocery check out line Tuesday evening with my daughter and asked the clerk if she had voted..she is a older lady like me and she quite truthfully replied that no, she did not vote because she did not see any point in it, she knew her side would lose.  Of course this is the state of Oklahoma, idiot conservative, not climate change believing twits but I understood how she felt.  The point is that if all of those people that think there is really no point in voting were to actually go and vote we might change some things.  Think about it.

Second, I just read a facebook post about the Air Force using a training manual from DOD that says that farmers and people that grow their own food are considered as undesirable, terrorist almost from what I was reading.  Now I descend from a very long line of farmers that I can actually trace back to the 1600's so this is not going to sit well at my house.  When they come to raze my garden I will meet them with a broom and claim witches right to my magical garden because it is part of my religion......thank you Hobby Lobby for something at least.

Most likely will be moving in the spring to the house across the street, a grand adventure for all.

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