Saturday, April 18, 2009


It is spring here and I feel that this may finally be my time to branch out and change once again. We all invent ourselves by our thoughts and deeds. It is time that I left bits and pieces of myself in the past and moved on. Various people have helped me through the dark times without knowing. I thank all of those folks who helped me kill my monsters, my grief, my shortcomings. It is time to lay down my ghosts and become renewed.

It is unimaginable that Mike has been gone almost 5 years now, Jo and Bill 2 years and now Davey is gone as well. The veil is thinning I can feel it. That is why I'm blue this morning. Walpurgisnacht approaches. I will smudge the house once again, feed the Fae and visit the cemetery. Once that is done I can move on with my life.

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