Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning

Looks like its going to be one of those overcast, moody, slow days. You know the kind I mean. I have a chicken thawing in a bowl of cold water for dinner tonight, the cats keep checking it out. I think I will go ahead and put my new Persian Lilac out on the porch in case it rains. I haven't planted it yet because of the cold snap and it has lived in the bathtub off and on for a couple of weeks now because I don't want the cats to nibble on it. After I move it I think I will take a long shower and then fix brunch. I'm thinking omelet with cheddar and asparagus from the garden. I planted my onion sets yesterday and started some seeds in peat pots. Cherokee Purple and Black Krim tomatoes and some lemon cucumbers and a petite cantaloupe, all heirloom seeds. So far I have volunteer lettuce and potatoes coming up in the garden and I think I saw marigold seedlings out there yesterday. I always have marigolds come up by themselves. This year I plan to give many of them away as they nearly took over the garden last year.

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