Thursday, April 2, 2009

The list

I emailed myself a list at work today so that I would remember everything I had been thinking about writing down.

The first thing was the fact that I have come back into contact with so many people that I used to know here lately. It is really a strange feeling. I registered on and now I have 20 signatures in my guestbook. I don’t remember having that many friends in high school. Of course I didn’t sign up for the gold membership yet because I’m not really sure I want to get involved just yet. Then last night Erin located someone I used to talk to all the time on AOL 10 years ago. Going from a very solitary person to this is just a little different feeling.

Then there is the matter of my boss (who swears she does not like to micromanage things). The woman now wants to pencil in our doctor appointments into her calendar in advance. I’m not sure exactly what is up with that. I managed to see my doctor on Tuesday and it was the same day I made the appointment and it just didn’t sit right with her. I’m almost afraid to make my dental appointment; she may bring out the nukes. This post has been edited.....after reading about bloggers rights. cough, cough, cough.....hairball as my cats would say.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you are moving about in the world. I know about being solitary and I have opened up a lot over the last two years. It's a good thing.

    Good thing she is leaving, that sounds like a horrible way to go through your workday.

  2. Selectivity and social graces do not seem to walk hand in hand. Some will find me a very changed person, not the child who hitched a ride to Dallas in the 70's.