Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes I wonder why idiots are in charge of the world. Those who espouse to know everything and damn you if you don't believe them. I love nothing more than making havoc with them. Perhaps I am authority challenged. For instance the current health care debacle. I really just want to shake someone over that one. Just let me have insurance at a decent rate and continue to cover my daughter until she is however old she needs to be. Who cares who is paying for it? I have paid for her insurance since she was born and now just because she isnt a full time student she is no longer insurable? What changed here? Is my money no longer good enough? Did she suddenly fall into the looking glass? Alice do you see my daughter in there? Then there are those who must ........supply your own adjective here.....excel, command, be right, be admired, be in charge. The ironic thing here is that it is usually the underlings who make their fame for them.

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