Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow Day

It seems that Nature is reminding us all that she still has the upper hand today. It is currently snowing large fluffy flakes. At least I don't have to go anywhere today. My flowers are still covered in leaves and the only thing in the garden is asparagus and onions, both of which can weather the snow. They have predicted 6+ inches accumulation here. I had planned on spending Ostara outside planting seeds. I guess I will have to settle for a few peat pots instead.

Last night at the grocery folks were stocking up for the storm. Why? It's supposed to be 50 degrees again on Monday. My favorite customer service guy, who graduated from Rhema and I'm sure has an inkling that I am an infidel, quipped up that the Bible says in the end times the weather will be unpredictable and wild. I just looked at him and said "This is Oklahoma, it's always been like this here." He had to think a second and then he nodded his head up and down in agreement. Poor boy didn't have a chance. I was raised on that rhetoric. My mother had me scared silly by the time I was 10 with the end times this and the end times that. It took me years to talk myself through that and back to being just a normal person.

Anyway, Erin and I will go buy some wine later today to go with Ostara dinner. I may even venture to the grocery again in search of salad items.

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  1. It's good to see you back. You know, times will end when they end and it won't need to be a omnipotent being causing it. We're doing a pretty good job of it ourselves. You gave the boy something to think about. : )