Sunday, May 3, 2009

Natural stuff

Back in my 20's I became a fan of organic gardening which led me to herbal medicine. I will drink peppermint tea before I will take a tums and prefer old fashioned aspirin as the painkiller of choice. I drink apple cider vinegar for a number of reasons and sprinkle cinnamon on ant hills. My compost bin is filled and emptied regularly. Each change to my daily herbal routine is thought out and planned in advance. Yesterday afternoon I spent some time in the local health food store, roaming up and down the aisles. I came home with two new additions to my daily list. The first is pomegranate and reservatrol in a capsule form. This is for my cardio and just about everything else health. At my age it pays to plan in advance. The second is a bottle of grapeseed oil. This was not bought for cooking; however Erin ask if she could use it for that as well. The oil is for my skin, specifically my face and neck and after using it yesterday I believe I may just use it all over. The skin just sucks it up and it feels so nice afterwards. The omega 6 content won't hurt either. I will also take a tsp daily . This will be added to my Milk Thistle, Silica and Astragulus routine. Although as soon as the spring allergies are gone the Astragulus will wait for winter to come again. I noticed that I have a red clover plant that has appeared in my yard, this will make wonderful tea.


  1. There's so much to know. I take magnesium, calcium & zinc, fish oil and flax seed oil. Whew! I use grape seed oil for cooking, it doesn't have a flavor and is high burn. I should try it for skin. hmmmm

  2. I use Salba in place of flax seed. It comes in seed form and I grind it up in the coffee grinder and mix it in my food. It is a wonderful addition for fiber, protein and the omega 6 family. I use olive oil mostly for cooking.