Friday, May 15, 2009

The Closet

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, otherwise known as the buckle of the bible belt. It is also swiftly changing to a haven for artists and intellectuals, a progressive city. The business world is still turning on all gears and the green movement is taking up a more significant place within the city. This weekend we celebrate May Fest in our downtown district. There will be belly dancers on the sidewalk and vendors hawking their wares up and down Main street. It is quite the event. Everyone comes out of their closet for this. There will be the conservative group with their beehive hairdos from the 50's as well as the green haired youth with tatoos. There will be the "thumpers" with their pamphlets of doom and gloom on the wages of sin and there will be the proud growing gay population of the city. The Pagan community will drift in and out of this with or without their pentacles outside their shirts depending on their age and courage. I believe I will sip my tea on the sidelines this year. I need a new necklace chain.


  1. If this is happening there, then perhaps there is hope yet. Enjoy the festivities.

  2. Hope shines eternal, yes.