Friday, February 6, 2009

What? I have a life?

Getting on with life is becomming more enjoyable. I have really had some fun getting back into knitting this last month and have almost finished a jacket for my granddaughter started a cowl for her mother and am playing around with some lace stitches. My knitting basket has really grown in size.
Have started looking around for a gym to join again but I really don't want to sign a contract after having been burned. Planet fittness is starting to sound good. I could join the Pit Power Club down the street but its always overcrowded. I suppose I could walk down there and then I wouldnt need a parking space.
I have started taking a new supplement daily with my herbal regieme. Silica, good for hair, nails,
skin, and joints. It boosts collagen production supposedly. I will see how it works. I started it last weekend and I think I may be feeling a difference in my knees. I will give it another week or so and see if I can sit in the floor comfortably again. I am bound and determined to be able to do that. If I have to take up Yoga I will.

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