Friday, June 19, 2015

New house

The last three weeks we have slowly been arranging and unpacking our things in the house across the street from where we once lived.  This was the grandparents home and it is now ours.  We sold our house as is and got enough to pay off the mortgage and just a tiny bit more.  The week our house sold, I got laid off from my wonderful paying full time job with a major company.  I did receive a good severance package and great references to a couple of agencies.  One has already called me, but I explained that the house had sold and I needed some time to get myself together.  She understood completely.  Looks like it may take one more week to get myself arranged and then I will to in for an appointment.  Erin and I have talked about opening an Etsy shop as well.  We have bounced a few ideas back and forth and I imagine it will be a sewing centered shop.  Napkins, tablecloths, some simple dresses and aprons to start.  Since I used to sew professionally, I already own a serger and two sewing machines.  I sill have bolts of fabric that can be used.  I am going to teach Ashlee and Erin to sew and we will be on our way.  Technically I could retire at this point, but my social security would be reduced forever if I did.  So, I will continue doing at least something.

Today we planted tomatoes in large pots.  I have laid out my plan for the new garden and I have seeds.

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