Friday, April 23, 2010

Sam got new shoes!!

Sam (Samantha) is a blue 2001 Ford Focus. Originally Sam was my husbands car and he had a habit of naming things. His car was Sam and his gun was named Sancha. He polished and cleaned both all the time. I have a habit of talking to the car at times. Apologizing for not washing it as often as he did, or for carrying hay bales in the hatch back. I do occasionally drive her through the car wash and use the wax cycle. I have learned to change her tail lights and I keep her in good repair. It has been a real fight saving up the money for tires though. I hate using credit and prefer to save for things and every time I would get close to having the cash saved up something else would happen. First Sam got new brakes and then a gasket needed to be replaced and then the thermostat and then a wheel bearing went out. I was beginning to think I was going to be running on the steel belts before long. But today I got Sam some new shoes. Finally.

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