Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy November

OK, so I got trucked off during the month of November and didn’t get a lot posted. The girls seem to have settled in and the 2 sets of cats are working out their differences. Ha Ha! I broke up a cat fight this weekend and after finding blood on the kitchen cabinet went to see just who was bleeding. I never did find a wounded kitty though. However in the process I did manage to get bit. Had to soak my hand in Epsom salts water to take the swelling down and no I’m not going to the doctor with it. I put tea tree oil on it to kill any bacteria and that was that. Hand looks almost as good as new today. It’s turning colder finally around here and Sean turned my furnace on when he came for Thanksgiving. He and his family are moving to the Boulder area this week and my daughter is going with them to help them move and navigate. I guess I’m going to learn to drive to Boulder next vacation. Oh well, that’s the price of having kids grow up. Perhaps this weekend after all the dust settles I can get the final weeding done in the garden, I would like that. No shopping you ask? Not me. I never venture out on Black Friday. And very rarely do I shop at all. I pretty much have in my head what the Christmas gifts will be and that’s it. Get them and go. Avoid the malls at all costs. And that’s not because of the economy, that’s just me.

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  1. I agree, you couldn't get me into a store on that particular Friday. If your children need to move away, Boulder isn't a bad place to visit.