Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Memorial Park visit

We took the afternoon of Nov 1 to visit Memorial Park.  I have always gone before Halloween but now I know I am not the only one who leaves crazy things on gravestones.  Someone had put up a scarecrow, not a large one you understand.  The grave of a 2 yr old was covered with plastic orange pumpkins, and a young boy’s gravestone was covered with toy metal cars and a baseball.  My Butterfinger doesn’t seem so strange anymore.  We also went and found Doc and Edna while we were there.  Since Erin and Sean are the only ones left of the family I felt they needed to know where it was.  I guess that is one drawback of having a really small family.




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  1. I don't know the history behind this, but I also am from a small family and I have carried on the tradition with only one child myself.

    I like the idea of tradition, it brings a connection and continuity to our lives.